Bernzilla is getting ready for Vegas


Yeah man! I got four songs completely done and ready for Vegas today.  Now I've finished the ten new songs I wanted just for Vegas. I'm using my full sonic palette on my MacBook played/controlled live with EWI4000s, Keith McMillen SoftStep and 12 Step.  The ten new tracks are all different; ambient, world, organic, orchestral, electro, house, techo, drum & bass (2), smooth jazz/chill, and straight ahead jazz.  I'm playing and controlling all kinds of stuff with my EWI using Live8 and Reason.  It's like a crazy modular system only limited by imagination, creativity, musicianship and processor speed. I love it!  I use my SoftStep to arm tracks, effects and select clips (use the Oc & Ho buttons on my EWI too). I use the 12 Step to play a pad or arp figure on one of my softsynths playing it with my left foot.  Many of the loops I'm using were played by me on EWI using my own sound designs. This is very challenging. I'm having fun digging in and working it out.


Bernzilla w/ Science Factory! Live Studio Video 8.15.2011


New video from Science Factory! ~ wanted to capture a session where you can see us all playing together. No overdubs. No post-editing. Raw jammin'! Enjoy!

I'm using my Fender Rhodes Combinator patch in Reason!

Science Factory is:
Bernzilla (Bernie Kenerson): AKAI EWI 4000s/Macbook Loaded
Mixmaster Doc (Daniel Brady): Turntables/Programming/Mixing
MC Troublepants (Sam Favata): Guitar/Line6 M13 Stombox Modeler


EWI/jazz lessons via Skype



I have a limited number of time slots open for one on one live lessons online via Skype.  Contact me via email or on Facebook for my Skype name.  I teach all aspects of the Art of the EWI, jazz playing, sound design, track programming, theory, composing, arranging, all things MIDI, hardware and software.  Also, consulting and set up of modern up to date softsynths and music sofware. Especially, Reason/Record, Cubase, Sampletank, Omnisphere, Aria, and all Samplemodeling instruments.

Here's what some of my students have to say:


Terance Brownlow, California


"When I decided to take up the electronic wind instrument (ewi), I planned to begin with the basics. Having played saxophone, by note, for many years I felt excited and challenged with the prospect of using my base of knowledge to help me with the transition to the electronic wind instrument.  Yet, after learning the basic fingerings, which resembled the saxophone, I began having difficulty with missing sharps and flats and a few high notes. Also, there is the issue of four octave rollers and no palm keys. It was clear that instruction was needed for me to surmount the steep learning curve I would have to climb to master this instrument. Through my searches on the web I came into contact with Mr. Bernie Kenerson.

Mr. Kenerson teaches music lessons via skype. This is a novel idea as skype is free and teacher and student don't have to be in the same physical location. From the comfort of your home you can get instruction in real time.  That being said, my next concern was the quality of instruction. Having had excellent music teachers in the past I was interested in having the same quality of instruction for the ewi. Mr. kenerson met my expectations. From the very beginning, he has taken a step-by-step approach from setting up our connection on skype to reviewing Aria (the music software). He is concerned with breath control, deglitching, and finger exercises: exactly as my former music teachers would have done. Along the way, Mr. Kenerson, shares observations and tips for better playing--this from his many years of musicianship.  

I must admit that I was apprehensive at first. Being retired I now have to manage life on a fixed income. Therefore, the time  and money I spend taking lessons has to count. I was not sure how much I would gain in thirty minute segments. However, my fears have been put to rest. Mr. Kenerson is not a clock watcher. He doesn't cut off instruction mid sentence. He has been very generous with his time and instruction.
That being said, it is clear that someone of this caliber needs to be compensated for their time and expertise. Therefore, if you are looking for assistance or are interested in on-going quality instruction, I would encourage you to contact Mr. Bernie Kenerson."


Tonya Franklin, California

Akai EWI4000s

"When I purchased my EWI about 9 months ago, I was excited about the possibilities.  However soon after purchasing my EWI, I mistakenly thought it would be a breeze to play simply because I came from years of playing woodwinds.  I quickly became discouraged and determined at the same time - discouraged because I concluded that I had a long road ahead of me, but determined to find the help needed to learn this instrument.  

After googling "EWI Lessons" there appeared Bernie's link.  Little did I realize what I found.  After hearing his music and reading about his background, I knew that I found someone who could help me reach my musical goals.   I've been taking Skype lessons with Bernie for about 8 mos now.  I learn something new from every lesson.  He is a complete musician and educator.  He's been methodical in his approach and it's paid off tremendously for me.  I'm playing things today that I thought would take me years to get to.  The formula is simple - do what Bernie says and practice what he tells you to practice!!  

Bernie began my initial lessons by laying a solid foundation for playing the EWI - fundamental elements such as how to hold the EWI for technical efficiency to playing scales/arpeggios in all keys for technical dexterity. From there I've explored jazz improvisation and writing/theory.  This jazz stuff is finally making sense to me thanks to Bernie!!  In the near future he'll be helping with sound design and writing tracks for my songs or arrangements.

What I appreciate most about Bernie's teaching is that he listens to your musical goals and understands how to get you there. I believe any student of music, whether s/he plays EWI or something else, would learn a tremendous amount about music from Bernie!

Listen, if you're serious about becoming a highly skilled musician who plays the EWI, you simply need to connect with Bernie TODAY!!"


1st Annual Wind Synthposium in Vegas, June 2012



I'm happy to announce that I'll be a main presenter at the first annual wind synthposium in Las Vegas this Summer. The dates are June 17,18 & 19, 2011.  Mark your calendars and check out for more details!




My current Art of the EWI Set Up! August 2011


I'm very happy with my current set up for both live and studio!  Here it is: My gold skinned Akai EWI4000s is for internal sounds (90% Patchman) with wireless audio (Samson) through a Line6 M13 Stompbox Modeler.  My black chrome skinned Akai EWI4000s is for MIDI control with MIDIjet Pro Wireless to my Macbook running Abelton Live8 Suite w/ Max for Live, Aria, IFW, Sylenth, Omnisphere, SampleTank, Kontakt 4 (All Samplemodeling Horns), iDrum, Reason/Record rewired, MIDI Harmonizer V200, Keith McMillen SoftStep Continuous Pedal Device and hundreds of gigs of sound/sample/loop libraries. MIDI/USB interface is an older MIDIMAN MIDISPORT 2X2 and audio is a  Behringer FCA202 Firewire (Stereo in/Stereo out, 96k)  all to a Traynor K4 Amp.  I'm very pleased with my current set up and feel empowered to create any kind of music I want with any traditional styles and sounds to new and never before imagined styles and sounds. 


What a time to be creating new music. Exploring the sonic frontier!


Remember: experiment, have fun and be musical!


"Bernie Game" Artist & CD Radio Feature Tonight 8/16/2011


Tonight, Tuesday August 16, 2011 6:30 to 9:00pm (Pacific) 89.5 FM (San Francisco) {OR} {OR} will be featuring my Art of the EWI CD "Bernie Game". I will be on air and online for an interview and questions. It's interactive so I hope you will join us. I will also be on live cam in my studio!

This is how you get into the chat-room on stick am. You need to go to

On the Stick am page there is a box at the bottom of the frame it says:
(Click here to enter chat)

Once you hit that there will be another box and at the bottom of that box it says: It will then ask you to join Or Log in if you are a stickam member all you have to to do is log in . If your not you will have to join which all is needed is your e-mail address & password you choose just fill out info and your in the chat room where you can chat or just listen and enjoy.

Hope you will join us tonight!


Science Factory! make their new York Debut on July 2, 2011



In their NYC debut, Science Factory will be playing a very special DnB set with special guest Paul Christian.

Science Factory is an idea three different people had, and began to develop soon after meeting. In fact, even after they met, the idea just kept floating around for awhile. Ideas are like that: floaty. Daniel Brady (Mixmaster Doc), Bernie Kenerson (Bernzilla) & Sam Favata (MC Troublepants) might seem an unlikely trio if you met them outside of a musical context. Brady(26) and Favata(29) met working at a music store & began swapping ideas on how to use a "traditional" band to play "modern" styles of music. Favata had a group with Kenerson, who was already a veteran musician when Sam & Dan were just kids. An undisputed virtuoso of the Electric Wind Instrument (EWI), Bernie had been playing & recording modern jazz-fusion, searching for new ways to express himself on this unique instrument. Dan Brady realized the potential of a person who had mastered the EWI. Not only could he play dazzling solos with an infinite array of sounds, he could also use the instrument for sampling, filtering, modulation & more. After a few years of tinkering, jamming & head-scratching, the lads got serious. Weekly jam-sessions turned into heavy composition sessions, and a multitude of shows soon followed. Science Factory has now become an idea-in-motion. Need a dancefloor anthem? Got you. Grimy Dub-Step Hip-Hop? Sure. Downtempo Electro Ballad? Of course.

"...there’s no doubting the sincerity of the unique fusion of sounds Sam Favata, Bernie Kenerson and Dan Brady have been creating together...It’s a one-of-a-kind arrangement that has made Science Factory’s sound hard to pin down while allowing each member to grow substantially and explore new levels of productiveness that could only be accomplished through a perfect storm of creative influences and outlets."
— Chris Mowder, ListenUp Myrtle Beach


New Source for EWI & Jazz Lessons


Here's a new site where I'll be teaching EWI & jazz. It's a fantastic resource for getting on the fast track to mastering EWI and Jazz Playing. Quamon Fowler has this site wired and going on for us. Check it out!

There are some basic EWI lessons and a very useful lesson on De-glitching, which applies to WX players too.

I will be adding over a dozen more lessons between now and the end of the year.  I'll also be scheduling a regular weekly interactive EWI master class, probably on Moday nights 8PM Eastern.


Working on Two New Reason Refills


Just wanted to let you know that I'm currently hard at work on two new refills.  One is an Emulation Combinator refill that will have at least fifty combinators featuring sounds of real instruments and making big use of the powerful NN-XT sampler. They will be woodwinds, brass, strings, guitars, basses, keys, voices, ethnic and miscellaneous patches. Look for it by September.  I've also started work on my EWI Thor Refill Vol. 3. Just can't get enough of Thor!  All refills will be programmed for breath control(CC#2) and will work with all wind controllers.


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