Pantheon III EWI Edition Released


In collaboration with Nucleus SoundLab Bernzilla proudly presents Pantheon III - EWI Edition. This is a special version of Pantheon III specifically designed for use with Akai's EWI range of breath controllers.  Bernzilla has taken every Combinator and Thor patch and reworked it for best performance using any breath/wind controller. Beyond that, the contents of the ReFill is identical to the regular edition of Pantheon III - the same amazing patches and thorough PDF documentation. There is also an EWI Edition PDF to get you started.

Click here for Nucleus Soundlab and Pantheon III EWI Edition



1 Hour Skype Lessons Now Just $35(USD)


To celebrate my 35th year playing electric wind instruments I am offering one hour Skype lessons/consults for $35(USD) till further notice. I teach all aspects of the Art of the EWI from first day EWI beginners to the most advanced techniques. I teach all the learning curves of the EWI4000s and EWIUSB (Yamaha WX also), music, jazz, production, composing, arranging, MIDI, using Reason, using Abelton Live, using Logic, using Cubase, using SampleTank, using Samplemodeling, using Omnisphere, using Native Instruments Komplete, and all EWI sound design/tweaks.  I tailor my lessons to your goals. I can get you on the fast track to making music with your EWI.

I work all hours and time zones!

Now you can gain access to over 34 years experience,

for 60 minutes for $35.00


New 51 EWI/WX Combi for SampleTank Free



Bernzilla Sound Lab announces the release of 51 brand new Combi patches that use the sound library included with SampleTank Free. It has what you need to produce complete songs and serves as a tutorial on programming ST for breath control (CC#2). These work for all wind controllers.  PDF documentation included!

All you need to do is goto and download your free version of SampleTank.

Click the 'Buy' button to purchase and when I receive email confirmation from PayPal I'll email the 51 EWI/WX Combi zip file. Orders are emailed within 24 hours.

$29.00 (Digital delivery)

Below is an audio demo of all 51 Combi patches. All were recorded live using Sample Tank Free hosted in Ableton Live8. The only effects are within SampleTank. I played them using my Akai EWI4000s as a MIDI Controller. Upper plate set to CC64 (sustain) and glide strip set to CC1 (mod wheel).


I played them in patch list order. (Sorry. I accidentally skipped the 'AcouticGuit BC')


In case embedded mp3 player is not working you can listen on Soundcloud!

Click here to listen on Soundcloud


New EWI Thor Refill Vol. 3 Released



EWI Thor Refill Vol. 3 Patches Audio Demo (Breath Control) from Bernie Kenerson on Vimeo.

   $35.00 USD

                50 New Custom Designed Breath Controlled Thor Patches

*************Patch Documentation Now Included!****************

This is my third volume of fifty patches for the Thor Polysonic Synthesizer in Reason/Record that are custom programmed and designed for use with electric wind instruments (breath control, CC#2).  I think this volume contains some of my best and most advanced Thor sound design to date. There are some interesting and innovative uses of breath control to modulate different aspects of the sounds.  Also I'm adding more value to this refill by providing this patch documentation.  You will learn the best settings for your wind controller for playing the patches in this refill.  I will also talk about each patch and ways to play them.  In this refill I've used the two Rotary dials and two Buttons on the face of the Thor so you can change, control and dial in the sound.

To get the most out of this refill I recommend you have your wind controller set to send breath as CC#2 (breath control), upper plate on EWI (pitch bend up on any others) set to CC#64 (sustain pedal) and glide strip to CC#1 (Mod Wheel).



Science Factory Video interview

New Site for EWI & Jazz Lessons

New BeatJazz Trio "Lap Partners" Debut


I've been busy working on a new project with Mix Master Doc & Sam Favata. We are doing our first show Friday 2/19 at the Basement in Myrtle Beach. This is some fun brand new music stemming from the ideas of my latest CD "Make My Jungle Electric". The trio is myself on EWI 4000s and EWI USB. Sam Favata on Guitar with lots of effects and funky rhythms. Dan Brady aka Mix master Doc on Turntables and Laptop. I'm running both my EWIs through Record on my Macbook. EWI 4000s internal sounds going through Record as audio and EWI USB playing sounds from my own Refills. I'm also using Aria "The Trumpet" and "The Sax Bros." It's so much fun exploring the sonic frontier. Look for more shows from "Lab Partners" and a recording project later this year. We Be Jammin'


EWI Reason Refills Pack Available Now!


With the release of my latest wind controller refill for Reason 4 I'm offering all three refills for the special price of $99.00 (USD). That's a total of 180 custom wind controller sounds for Reason 4. EWI Thor Refill Vol. 1 (50 Thor Patches) EWI Thor Refill Vol. 2 (50 Thor Patches) EWI 80 Combinators (80 Combinator Patches) Not only are these refills great for new responsive and expressive sounds but they also serve as advanced tutorials on programming for wind controllers in Reason. If you already own Reason these refills are a must have. If you aren't using Reason then these refills are plenty of reason to get it. EWI, WX5 and Reason user Dan Mackey says, "I'm liking everything I've played. The PB 4th on the one patch is very cool. The DX7 patch is excellent in legato mode. It's the way I've always wanted an electric piano patch to work on an EWI. There are lots of great leads and some cool basses. This is a fun good time! There are mp3 demo's on my music page.


EWI Thor Refill Vol. 2 Available Now!


EWI Thor Refill Vol. 2 © 2009 Bernie Kenerson/The Art of the EWI This is a custom Refill of 50 Thor patches set up especially for wind controllers (CC#2). There are leads, basses, pads, chords, sequences and special effects. To get the most out of these patches please play them at different volumes and velocities. You should audition every patch by playing soft to loud and try soft and hard attacks. Some are set up to be used well with your upper PB plate set to hold or sustain (CC#64). If you have any questions about any of these patches please email me: Remember to experiment, have fun and be musical. 50 Wind Controller Thor Voices for only $30.00 (USD) There is a mp3 audio demo on my music page.


New Art of the EWI Releases

My new sultry smooth jazz single "H W S" has just been released digitally. "Make My Jungle Electric", the 3rd in the Art of the EWI series has just been released digitally and the CDs should be available by October. Both releases are avaiable on iTunes, Amazon and many other music download sites. A free ringtone of "H W S" and mp3 audio clips are on my music page. You can hear me on Jango radio. Make your own Bernie Kenerson radio station while you're there.

EWI 80 Combinators Refill


Hot from the sound lab at the Art of the EWI comes a very powerful and expressive Reason 4 Refill of 80 Combinators especially for wind controllers. This refill has a wide variety of sounds and capabilities. Most of the sounds are easily edited, tweeked and morphed using the front panel Buttons and Rotary knobs on the Combinator. It also serves as a tutorial for unlocking the power of Reason 4 Combinators using breath control (CC#2). Check out the sounds demo on my Music page. All sounds recorded live in real time using an EWI USB. Purchase price: $56.00 (USD) for download. Click the Buy Now Button to purchase using PayPal.


EWI Lessons and Consulting Now Available

I am pleased to announce that I'm giving wind controller lessons and doing consulting over the internet using live video via Skype. My Skype name is: jazzewi The fee is $1.00 per minute and payment is made via PayPal after the session. I have over 30 years experience with wind controllers and can give lessons on EWI and WX along with consulting and set up help for most all hardware and software sound sources. I have over 21 years experience with MIDI. I'm a power user of Cubase, Reason, and many other soft synths. I'm a Mac user but also have a working knowledge of Windows. Currently, I use my EWI4000s and EWI USB on a daily basis for studio and live performances. I have a new 63 year old beginning EWI student that just started a few weeks ago and he's catching on quick and having a great time. I just helped an EWI user in Michigan that needed help programming the soft synths FM8 and Massive for optimal EWI control. I also have a begginning EWI student from Dublin, Ireland you come to the EWI via Flute, Penny Whistle and Uilleann Pipes. If you want to get on the fast track to mastering the EWI then take some lessons from the EWI master. I look forward to sharing the Art of the EWI with you.

Custom EWI Tracks For Your New Project

If you're looking for custom EWI tracks for your next project then your search is over. Here is how it works. Send me an mp3 of your song and let me know the style of solo or section playing you'd like to hear (lyrical, shredding, jazzy, funky, latin, etc...) and I'll record some EWI here in my studio and email you a mp3 mix with the EWI tracks added. If you want something changed I'll be happy to do two more revisions at no extra cost. Usually one or two revisions are more than enough and clients love the EWI tracks. Next you will make your payment through PayPal and then I will post the high quality wave files of the EWI tracks to a secure server for you to download and mix into your project. The cost is $150.00 per song, one track (up to two revisions. Section works and stacks are negotiable. You can check out some of the infinite sonic possibilities of the Art of the EWI by checking my YouTube Channel:

EWI Thor Refill Vol. 1


I've just complete a 50 voice custom refill for the powerful Thor Polysonic Synth in Reason 4. There is a demo on my Music page. EWI Thor Refill By Bernie Kenerson This is a custom Thor Refill for wind controllers. It is set up to respond to Breath Control (CC#2) and some patches have some interesting effects/controls using Mod Wheel. Try setting your EWI/WX’s upper plate/rocker to Mod Wheel. On most patches your can turn the Delay and/or Chorus on and off with Button 1 and/or Button 2. This refill includes a variety of very responsive Leads, Basses, Pads, Chords and Special Effects. It also serves as a tutorial for programming Thor as a powerful wind controlled synth. Remember to experiment, have fun and be musical. You can email me for a complete patch list. You can purchase this REfill for $28.00 thru PayPal and it will be emailed to you. Just click the "Buy Now" button. Peace.


Merry EWI Christmas Released

My new Christmas CD is now available!!! You’ve Never Heard Christmas Like This! D and M Records announces the release of Merry EWI Christmas, an exclusive collection of holiday favorites by Electric Wind Instrument virtuoso Bernie Kenerson. His modern arrangements of these classic tunes are refreshing, and the deft improvisations that have become the trademark of this veteran improviser will surely breathe life into your home this holiday season. “I’ve always loved these songs—they’re such an important part of our culture, and I wanted to pay tribute to that.” Kenerson explains. “At the same time, I really wanted to do something fresh—something contemporary that might help listeners rediscover the revelry in Christmas.” Revelry is in no short supply on Merry EWI Christmas, and Kenerson even includes one original composition (and the album’s namesake). The record closes with a duo performance of “Little Drummer Boy” that features his father—a one-time Big Band drummer and full-time supporter of Kenerson’s musical endeavors. “The holidays are about family, and recording with my father put that in perspective for me. I’m honored to share that with folks.” The unique & modern sounds of the EWI range from serene and haunting to joyful and triumphant. You’ll find the same variety in style, including a jazz waltz, up-tempo electronica and the classic ‘smooth groove’ that has made Kenerson’s music so popular. There’s little doubt that your friends & family will delight in this fresh approach to holiday carols ~ you may even find yourself listening year ‘round!

New Christmas CD Mixed and Mastered

My Christmas CD "Merry EWI Christmas" on D and M Records is due out November 1st. It has 10 tracks: 1 new original and 9 jazzy funky fresh version of some of my favorite Holiday tunes. 1. Merry EWI Christmas (5:44) By Bernie Kenerson 2. Sleigh Ride (5:01) By Leroy Anderson 3. Do You Hear What I Hear? (5:49) By Gloria Baker 4. Linus and Lucy (4:08) By Vince Guaraldi 5. Christmas Time Is Here (4:55) By Vince Guaraldi 6. Carol of the Bells (4:47) By Mykola Leontovych 7. We Three Kings of Orient Are (5:01) By John Henry Hopkins 8. Silent Night (5:00) By Franz Gruber 9. Good King Wenceslas (5:03) Traditional 10. Little Drummer Boy (5:31) By Katherine Davis Credits Bernie Kenerson: Akai EWI 4000s, Keyboard, Programming Ken Kenerson: Snare Drum (track 10) Sam Favata: Guitar (tracks 1 & 9) Glenn Harkins: Piano (tracks 5 & 7) Produced By: Bernie Kenerson Recorded, mixed and mastered by: Bernie Kenerson Original Cover Art by: Christine Giguere This CD was recorded using an Akai EWI 4000s and M-Audio Axiom 25 MIDI Keyboard with Reason 4, Cubase 4 and Peak Pro 6 software. I had a great time making this CD. Christmas is a time of family, friends, celebration, thanksgiving, joy, giving and receiving. I love Christmas because I’m more aware of the greatest gift of all, Jesus. I’m so glad to have been able to record Little Drummer Boy with my Dad who is 86 years old. He is a wonderful musician and a big part of why I’m a successful professional jazz musician.

Bernie Kenerson's Thursday Night Jazz

Bernie Kenerson and the Group have a new home base on the Grand Strand. The venue is Joe Mancuso's new Fontinello's Restaurant & Coffee House on Hwy 17 Bypass in Murrells Inlet. The jazz willl be on Thursday nights from 6-10pm and continue thru the rest of the year.

Bernie Game Now On iTunes

My new CD release Bernie Game is now available on iTunes. Just do a power search for Artist: Bernie Kenerson and/or Album: Bernie Game. Enjoy!

BERNIE GAME - The Art of the EWI is here!

Presenting Bernie Game (The Art of the EWI), the newest release on his own Bernup label, Bernie Kenerson brings listeners a contemporary Jazz/Groove record with innovation at its core. The foremost authority on the AKAI EWI 4000s (that’s synth heaven for horn players), Kenerson has been progressing as an electric wind instrumentalist for 30 years now—and it shows. Bernie Game showcases the chops of a veteran jazzer composing with a maturity not often heard in contemporary “electric” Jazz. Kenerson explains, “I definitely came of age as a player during the ‘fusion revolution’ era of the 70s, and you’ll hear that influence both in my playing and in my composition. But what I took away most from that music was its accessibility ~ everyone can dig it! I think that’s a quality we’re starting to see again in contemporary Jazz, and I’m doing what I can to turn people on to some new, funky sounds.” Funky, indeed! Kenerson’s virtuosic command of the EWI assures us that it is far from novelty or gimmick—this is a serious player with a unique voice that does more than make a statement; listeners fortunate enough to hear what Bernie Game has to offer will undoubtedly ask, “More, please?”

Vocoder Setup Help

I get many questions about how to set up wind controllers with vocoders so this should provide some answers. Vocoders are based of on gates and filters. You need a source and a formant. In this case the EWI with breath sensor set to self oscillate is the source audio going into the vocoder. Plug a mic into the formant and your voice triggers the EWI sounds. I'm learning that you can affect the filters by manipulating vowel shapes. You don't have to match pitch with the notes fingered on the EWI. In fact, you could sing or speak a monotone (hard to do) and you'd still get the pitch fingered on the EWI. I sing along with what I play...kind of like the guitar and bass players I've always envied. Now I can sing along with my solos. It's really fun and quite addictive. Remember, the most important thing is to set the wind controller to self oscillate by turning up the wind/breath sensor gain. Hope this helps, Peace.

New CD "Bernie Game" is mixed and mastered!

My new CD release "Bernie Game" is mixed and mastered. Release date is set for July 1, 2008. Two new tracks from the CD are posted on for you to check out. Also, clips are posted on music page of this site. This CD is a funky contemporary smooth jazz project featuring the Art of the EWI. There are eight new originals and two covers. Six of the tunes are with a live rhythm section and 4 are programmed. Now it's off to Discmakers for duplication and time to go into pre-release promo mode. It's gonna be a funky smooth Summer. Peace

New Year News

The big news is that I'm celebrating my 30th year playing electric wind instruments and 2008 is starting out great. "Just You & Me" (The Art of the EWI) is now on the playlists of over 100 stations. Work continues on my next CD release, "Bernie Game" (The Art of the EWI) scheduled for release in early May 2008. This is a Smooth Jazz CD with new tunes and some classic surprises, featuring the EWI of course. I've also signed with D and M Records to do my EWI Christmas CD for the 2008 Holiday Season. D and M is great company based in California,

Bernie's CD Hot Pick of the Week in Italy

My recent CD release "Just You & Me" is the CD of the Week on RADIOVINILEMANIA in Italy. Check it out:

Bernie & EWI in ABYSSJazz Magazine

Check out the article online that is in the new issue (Nov/Dec) of ABYSSJazz Magazine. More press for the EWI, cool.

Work continues on next CD

I'm now hard at work promoting my recent CD release "Just You & Me" The Art of The EWI and recording tracks for my next CD "Bernie Game" The Art of The EWI, which is scheduled for release in Spring '08. It'll be smooth/contemporary jazz and feature the EWI. There will be ten tracks on the CD and it's about 75% done. Hope to have all final tracks done before Thanksgiving and then start the final mixdown post production phase.

Radio Campaign Going Great

The radio campaign for "Just You & Me" The Art of The EWI is starting it's fifth week and so far there is airplay on 43 stations in 27 states and 6 countries. Many more are pending and reviewing with new adds every week. My appreciation goes out to Lisa Reedy Promotions for all her hard work and success. Send me an email if you'd like to know what station is playing the CD near you.

Little River Shrimp & Jazz Fest

The band and I had a great time performing at the 3rd annual Little River Shrimp & Jazz Fest. The audience was very enthusiastic and their energy just made us kick it up a couple of notches. We gained many new fans and sold lots of CDs. Thanks to all who attented and we look forward to being in the lineup for '08.

Bernie Kenerson Group Weekend

The last weekend of September was great for the Bernie Kenerson Group. They made their Columbia, SC debut Saturday the 29th at the Blue Martini, 808 Lady Street and the shows were a blast. The crowd loved us. Sunday the 30th we appeared on Columbia's new live jazz radio show, "Jazz on Main Street" WXRY 99.3 FM hosted by local artist Eboniramm from noon to 2pm. We performed for a live audience for a jazzy Sunday brunch. Our music was a big hit and it was a beautiful afternoon. Eboniramm and Columbia are great hosts. Sunday evening 8pm we were back on the Grand Strand appearing at Pawley's Island Tavern. All performances featured music from my new CD "Just You & Me" The Art of The EWI and many CDs were sold. Thanks to all that attended.

New CD Release

I've just released my new CD 'Just You & Me' with 10 tracks of original jazz tunes and all songs feature the Akai EWI4000s (w/ Patchman sounds) as the main lead and solo instrument. The tracks are instrumentals and cover a variety of jazz styles. I'm really pleased with how this project turned out and I think you'll like it too. It'll be available at CDbaby and iTunes but as a new release special you can order direct from me using PayPal for just $12.00 (S&H included). Just goto and make a payment of $12.00 to my email: (don't forget to include a shipping address) and I'll get one right out to you.

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