Bernzilla is getting ready for Vegas

Yeah man! I got four songs completely done and ready for Vegas today.  Now I've finished the ten new songs I wanted just for Vegas. I'm using my full sonic palette on my MacBook played/controlled live with EWI4000s, Keith McMillen SoftStep and 12 Step.  The ten new tracks are all different; ambient, world, organic, orchestral, electro, house, techo, drum & bass (2), smooth jazz/chill, and straight ahead jazz.  I'm playing and controlling all kinds of stuff with my EWI using Live8 and Reason.  It's like a crazy modular system only limited by imagination, creativity, musicianship and processor speed. I love it!  I use my SoftStep to arm tracks, effects and select clips (use the Oc & Ho buttons on my EWI too). I use the 12 Step to play a pad or arp figure on one of my softsynths playing it with my left foot.  Many of the loops I'm using were played by me on EWI using my own sound designs. This is very challenging. I'm having fun digging in and working it out.

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