Science Factory! make their new York Debut on July 2, 2011


In their NYC debut, Science Factory will be playing a very special DnB set with special guest Paul Christian.

Science Factory is an idea three different people had, and began to develop soon after meeting. In fact, even after they met, the idea just kept floating around for awhile. Ideas are like that: floaty. Daniel Brady (Mixmaster Doc), Bernie Kenerson (Bernzilla) & Sam Favata (MC Troublepants) might seem an unlikely trio if you met them outside of a musical context. Brady(26) and Favata(29) met working at a music store & began swapping ideas on how to use a "traditional" band to play "modern" styles of music. Favata had a group with Kenerson, who was already a veteran musician when Sam & Dan were just kids. An undisputed virtuoso of the Electric Wind Instrument (EWI), Bernie had been playing & recording modern jazz-fusion, searching for new ways to express himself on this unique instrument. Dan Brady realized the potential of a person who had mastered the EWI. Not only could he play dazzling solos with an infinite array of sounds, he could also use the instrument for sampling, filtering, modulation & more. After a few years of tinkering, jamming & head-scratching, the lads got serious. Weekly jam-sessions turned into heavy composition sessions, and a multitude of shows soon followed. Science Factory has now become an idea-in-motion. Need a dancefloor anthem? Got you. Grimy Dub-Step Hip-Hop? Sure. Downtempo Electro Ballad? Of course.

"...there’s no doubting the sincerity of the unique fusion of sounds Sam Favata, Bernie Kenerson and Dan Brady have been creating together...It’s a one-of-a-kind arrangement that has made Science Factory’s sound hard to pin down while allowing each member to grow substantially and explore new levels of productiveness that could only be accomplished through a perfect storm of creative influences and outlets."
— Chris Mowder, ListenUp Myrtle Beach

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