BERNIE GAME - The Art of the EWI is here!

Presenting Bernie Game (The Art of the EWI), the newest release on his own Bernup label, Bernie Kenerson brings listeners a contemporary Jazz/Groove record with innovation at its core. The foremost authority on the AKAI EWI 4000s (that’s synth heaven for horn players), Kenerson has been progressing as an electric wind instrumentalist for 30 years now—and it shows. Bernie Game showcases the chops of a veteran jazzer composing with a maturity not often heard in contemporary “electric” Jazz. Kenerson explains, “I definitely came of age as a player during the ‘fusion revolution’ era of the 70s, and you’ll hear that influence both in my playing and in my composition. But what I took away most from that music was its accessibility ~ everyone can dig it! I think that’s a quality we’re starting to see again in contemporary Jazz, and I’m doing what I can to turn people on to some new, funky sounds.” Funky, indeed! Kenerson’s virtuosic command of the EWI assures us that it is far from novelty or gimmick—this is a serious player with a unique voice that does more than make a statement; listeners fortunate enough to hear what Bernie Game has to offer will undoubtedly ask, “More, please?”

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