Merry EWI Christmas Released

My new Christmas CD is now available!!! You’ve Never Heard Christmas Like This! D and M Records announces the release of Merry EWI Christmas, an exclusive collection of holiday favorites by Electric Wind Instrument virtuoso Bernie Kenerson. His modern arrangements of these classic tunes are refreshing, and the deft improvisations that have become the trademark of this veteran improviser will surely breathe life into your home this holiday season. “I’ve always loved these songs—they’re such an important part of our culture, and I wanted to pay tribute to that.” Kenerson explains. “At the same time, I really wanted to do something fresh—something contemporary that might help listeners rediscover the revelry in Christmas.” Revelry is in no short supply on Merry EWI Christmas, and Kenerson even includes one original composition (and the album’s namesake). The record closes with a duo performance of “Little Drummer Boy” that features his father—a one-time Big Band drummer and full-time supporter of Kenerson’s musical endeavors. “The holidays are about family, and recording with my father put that in perspective for me. I’m honored to share that with folks.” The unique & modern sounds of the EWI range from serene and haunting to joyful and triumphant. You’ll find the same variety in style, including a jazz waltz, up-tempo electronica and the classic ‘smooth groove’ that has made Kenerson’s music so popular. There’s little doubt that your friends & family will delight in this fresh approach to holiday carols ~ you may even find yourself listening year ‘round!