EWI Reason Refills Pack Available Now!

With the release of my latest wind controller refill for Reason 4 I'm offering all three refills for the special price of $99.00 (USD). That's a total of 180 custom wind controller sounds for Reason 4. EWI Thor Refill Vol. 1 (50 Thor Patches) EWI Thor Refill Vol. 2 (50 Thor Patches) EWI 80 Combinators (80 Combinator Patches) Not only are these refills great for new responsive and expressive sounds but they also serve as advanced tutorials on programming for wind controllers in Reason. If you already own Reason these refills are a must have. If you aren't using Reason then these refills are plenty of reason to get it. EWI, WX5 and Reason user Dan Mackey says, "I'm liking everything I've played. The PB 4th on the one patch is very cool. The DX7 patch is excellent in legato mode. It's the way I've always wanted an electric piano patch to work on an EWI. There are lots of great leads and some cool basses. This is a fun good time! There are mp3 demo's on my music page.