New 51 EWI/WX Combi for SampleTank Free


Bernzilla Sound Lab announces the release of 51 brand new Combi patches that use the sound library included with SampleTank Free. It has what you need to produce complete songs and serves as a tutorial on programming ST for breath control (CC#2). These work for all wind controllers.  PDF documentation included!

All you need to do is goto and download your free version of SampleTank.

Click the 'Buy' button to purchase and when I receive email confirmation from PayPal I'll email the 51 EWI/WX Combi zip file. Orders are emailed within 24 hours.

$29.00 (Digital delivery)

Below is an audio demo of all 51 Combi patches. All were recorded live using Sample Tank Free hosted in Ableton Live8. The only effects are within SampleTank. I played them using my Akai EWI4000s as a MIDI Controller. Upper plate set to CC64 (sustain) and glide strip set to CC1 (mod wheel).


I played them in patch list order. (Sorry. I accidentally skipped the 'AcouticGuit BC')


In case embedded mp3 player is not working you can listen on Soundcloud!

Click here to listen on Soundcloud