EWI Thor Refill Vol. 1

I've just complete a 50 voice custom refill for the powerful Thor Polysonic Synth in Reason 4. There is a demo on my Music page. EWI Thor Refill By Bernie Kenerson This is a custom Thor Refill for wind controllers. It is set up to respond to Breath Control (CC#2) and some patches have some interesting effects/controls using Mod Wheel. Try setting your EWI/WX’s upper plate/rocker to Mod Wheel. On most patches your can turn the Delay and/or Chorus on and off with Button 1 and/or Button 2. This refill includes a variety of very responsive Leads, Basses, Pads, Chords and Special Effects. It also serves as a tutorial for programming Thor as a powerful wind controlled synth. Remember to experiment, have fun and be musical. You can email me for a complete patch list. You can purchase this REfill for $28.00 thru PayPal and it will be emailed to you. Just click the "Buy Now" button. Peace.