51 EWI Little Finger Exercises (Free Download) 

To celebrate the beginning of my 35th year playing electric wind instruments I wrote these 51 EWI Little Finger Exercises.  EWI standard fingering setting and little finger technique is crucial to fast, fluid, glitch free EWI technique.  EWI has a range of an 11th (Bb to Eb) without making an octave roller change. Don't make octave roller changes (going over the break) when you don't need too.  It's also where most glitching occurs because of the slow lazy third (ring) finger.  For example, I observe…

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New eBook Free Download 

Here's my new eBook! I took Exercise #1 from 25 Daily exercises for Saxophone by H. Klose and transposed to 16 modes in all 12 keys. You get the 7 church modes, 7 Lydian Augmented (Jazz Minor) modes, Harmonic minor and Melodic minor (193 pages). It's quite a workout on EWI and any other instrument for that matter.  Also great for developing your ear!  It's available as a free download for a limited time so download it and get busy!

H. Klose ex.1 in 16 modes and 12 keys

Click the above link for your free

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October '09 EWI Technique Exercises 

This month I want to deal with deglitching your EWI technique.  From working on my own fingering technique over the years and working with my students it's apparent that the main cause of glitching comes from the 3rd finger or ring finger. These exercises will serve to work that finger and make it stronger and faster. Practice all exercises slurred and use K2 (middle finger) for C. Start at slower tempos and gradually increase speed to as fast as you can play without glitching. Practice in all octaves…

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September '09 Art of the EWI Technique 

Here are 3 Exercises that are sure to improve your octave roller technique.  They will help you know your "octave place". Practice them slowly and precisely at first and then increase speed. Use light thumb pressure with crisp snappy moves from one octave position to the other.  These exercises should be part of your daily practice routine and are a good warm up before any EWI performance.

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August '09 EWI Technique Tip 

If you own an Akai EWI4000s this months tip will help you get to know your instrument and it's sonic potential. I've asked numerous EWI players if they have taken the time to do the exercise explained here and not heard a yes yet. Here's what you need to do Play the followibg long tone exercise on each of the 100 patches on your EWI4000s. 12 second cycle Dynamics:ppp........................fff.........................ppp BC/CC#2:0...........................127...........................0 Time:…

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