1 Hour Online Lessons Now Just $50USD) 

To celebrate my 35th year playing electric wind instruments I am offering one hour Skype lessons/consults for $35(USD) till further notice. I teach all aspects of the Art of the EWI from first day EWI beginners to the most advanced techniques. I teach all the learning curves of the EWISOLO, EWI5000, EWI4000s and EWIUSB (Yamaha WX also), music, jazz, production, composing, arranging, MIDI, using Reason, using Abelton Live, using Logic, using Cubase, using SampleTank, using Samplemodeling, using Omnisphere,

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EWI Lessons and Consulting Now Available 

I am pleased to announce that I'm giving wind controller lessons and doing consulting over the internet using live video via Skype/Zoom/Facetime/Jami. The fee is $50.00 per hour and payment is made via PayPal after the session. I have over 30 years experience with wind controllers and can give lessons on EWI and WX along with consulting and set up help for most all hardware and software sound sources. I have over 21 years experience with MIDI. I'm a power user of Cubase, Reason, and many other soft synths…

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Custom EWI Tracks For Your New Project 

If you're looking for custom EWI tracks for your next project then your search is over. Here is how it works. Send me an mp3 of your song and let me know the style of solo or section playing you'd like to hear (lyrical, shredding, jazzy, funky, latin, etc...) and I'll record some EWI here in my studio and email you a mp3 mix with the EWI tracks added. If you want something changed I'll be happy to do two more revisions at no extra cost. Usually one or two revisions are more than enough and clients love the…

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Vocoder Setup Help 

I get many questions about how to set up wind controllers with vocoders so this should provide some answers. Vocoders are based of on gates and filters. You need a source and a formant. In this case the EWI with breath sensor set to self oscillate is the source audio going into the vocoder. Plug a mic into the formant and your voice triggers the EWI sounds. I'm learning that you can affect the filters by manipulating vowel shapes. You don't have to match pitch with the notes fingered on the EWI. In fact…

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