Pantheon III EWI Edition Released 

In collaboration with Nucleus SoundLab Bernzilla proudly presents Pantheon III - EWI Edition. This is a special version of Pantheon III specifically designed for use with Akai's EWI range of breath controllers.  Bernzilla has taken every Combinator and Thor patch and reworked it for best performance using any breath/wind controller. Beyond that, the contents of the ReFill is identical to the regular edition of Pantheon III - the same amazing patches and thorough PDF documentation. There is also an…

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1 Hour Skype Lessons Now Just $35(USD) 

To celebrate my 35th year playing electric wind instruments I am offering one hour Skype lessons/consults for $35(USD) till further notice. I teach all aspects of the Art of the EWI from first day EWI beginners to the most advanced techniques. I teach all the learning curves of the EWI4000s and EWIUSB (Yamaha WX also), music, jazz, production, composing, arranging, MIDI, using Reason, using Abelton Live, using Logic, using Cubase, using SampleTank, using Samplemodeling, using Omnisphere, using Native

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New 51 EWI/WX Combi for SampleTank Free 


Bernzilla Sound Lab announces the release of 51 brand new Combi patches that use the sound library included with SampleTank Free. It has what you need to produce complete songs and serves as a tutorial on programming ST for breath control (CC#2). These work for all wind controllers.  PDF documentation included!

All you need to do is goto and download your free version of SampleTank.

Click the 'Buy' button to purchase and when I receive email confirmation from PayPal I'll email the…

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New EWI Thor Refill Vol. 3 Released 


EWI Thor Refill Vol. 3 Patches Audio Demo (Breath Control) from Bernie Kenerson on Vimeo.

   $35.00 USD

                50 New Custom Designed Breath Controlled Thor Patches

*************Patch Documentation Now Included!****************

This is my third volume of fifty patches for the Thor Polysonic Synthesizer in Reason/Record that are custom programmed and designed for use with electric wind instruments (breath control, CC#2).  I think this volume contains some of my best and most advanced

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New BeatJazz Trio "Lap Partners" Debut 

I've been busy working on a new project with Mix Master Doc & Sam Favata. We are doing our first show Friday 2/19 at the Basement in Myrtle Beach. This is some fun brand new music stemming from the ideas of my latest CD "Make My Jungle Electric". The trio is myself on EWI 4000s and EWI USB. Sam Favata on Guitar with lots of effects and funky rhythms. Dan Brady aka Mix master Doc on Turntables and Laptop. I'm running both my EWIs through Record on my Macbook. EWI 4000s internal sounds going through Record…

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EWI Reason Refills Pack Available Now! 

With the release of my latest wind controller refill for Reason 4 I'm offering all three refills for the special price of $99.00 (USD). That's a total of 180 custom wind controller sounds for Reason 4. EWI Thor Refill Vol. 1 (50 Thor Patches) EWI Thor Refill Vol. 2 (50 Thor Patches) EWI 80 Combinators (80 Combinator Patches) Not only are these refills great for new responsive and expressive sounds but they also serve as advanced tutorials on programming for wind controllers in Reason. If you already…

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EWI Thor Refill Vol. 2 Available Now! 

EWI Thor Refill Vol. 2 © 2009 Bernie Kenerson/The Art of the EWI This is a custom Refill of 50 Thor patches set up especially for wind controllers (CC#2). There are leads, basses, pads, chords, sequences and special effects. To get the most out of these patches please play them at different volumes and velocities. You should audition every patch by playing soft to loud and try soft and hard attacks. Some are set up to be used well with your upper PB plate set to hold or sustain…

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New Art of the EWI Releases 

My new sultry smooth jazz single "H W S" has just been released digitally "Make My Jungle Electric", the 3rd in the Art of the EWI series has just been released digitally and the CDs should be available by October Both releases are avaiable on iTunes, Amazon and many other music download sites. A free ringtone of "H W S" and mp3 audio clips are on my music page. You can hear me on Jango radio. Make your own Bernie Kenerson radio station while you're there.…

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