Vocoder Setup Help

I get many questions about how to set up wind controllers with vocoders so this should provide some answers. Vocoders are based of on gates and filters. You need a source and a formant. In this case the EWI with breath sensor set to self oscillate is the source audio going into the vocoder. Plug a mic into the formant and your voice triggers the EWI sounds. I'm learning that you can affect the filters by manipulating vowel shapes. You don't have to match pitch with the notes fingered on the EWI. In fact, you could sing or speak a monotone (hard to do) and you'd still get the pitch fingered on the EWI. I sing along with what I play...kind of like the guitar and bass players I've always envied. Now I can sing along with my solos. It's really fun and quite addictive. Remember, the most important thing is to set the wind controller to self oscillate by turning up the wind/breath sensor gain. Hope this helps, Peace.