Custom EWI Tracks For Your New Project

If you're looking for custom EWI tracks for your next project then your search is over. Here is how it works. Send me an mp3 of your song and let me know the style of solo or section playing you'd like to hear (lyrical, shredding, jazzy, funky, latin, etc...) and I'll record some EWI here in my studio and email you a mp3 mix with the EWI tracks added. If you want something changed I'll be happy to do two more revisions at no extra cost. Usually one or two revisions are more than enough and clients love the EWI tracks. Next you will make your payment through PayPal and then I will post the high quality wave files of the EWI tracks to a secure server for you to download and mix into your project. The cost is $250.00 per song, one track (up to two revisions. Section works and stacks are negotiable. You can check out some of the infinite sonic possibilities of the Art of the EWI by checking my YouTube Channel: